Taken in Nikko, October 2011

Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Trip to Yanaka

Yanaka is a beautiful cultural spot in Tokyo, famous for its temples and the traditional streets. So we decided to go there last sunday.
Unfortunately it rained, but we were in a good mood. We started at Nippori station and went to the cemetery, which is famous for being the final resting place of the Tokugawa family. From there you also have a great overview on the whole quarter.
We visited a carpenter that made beautiful timber products. Very special about it was, that he never uses nails for his furniture. A really impressive example of craftman's art. Now wonder, that he has customers all over the world. Furthermore, we visited some more shops with traditional goods, like a shop that makes silk dresses. The atmosphere in Yanaka was really different, because everything seemed to be so calm and quiet. A perfect place to forget about the busy streets of Tokyo.
For lunch we went into a restaurant that offered special persian, turkish and uzbekistan dishes. The curry was very good, but the most entertaining part was the host, who made this meal really unforgetable. So almost everyone had to ride on a fake camel and this man was always about to crack a joke.
After lunch we went through the streets of Yanaka with the many, many shops and this very calm spirit. The rain stopped and we had a really good time and a lot of fun. Yanaka is definetely a place you should see, if you visit Tokyo! See it for yourself!

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