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Donnerstag, 5. April 2012

神道 - Shinto

What do you know about Shinto?

A question that can be answered fast, if you just reply that Shinto is a religion. But does this answer fit?

For Hidetoshi Tojo Shinto is much more than just a religion. In his opinion Shinto is the origin of the Japanese culture. Gratitude, culture and respect are the main pillars of this worldwide unique religion, he said.

Compared with Christianity there is not such a strong hierarchy in Shintoism. All is on just one level and everything, even the smallest stone, got its own soul or spirit. The kanji letters for religion are vulnerable and wisdom (宗教 - しゅうきょう) which shows that it is build on freedom and harmony. For Shintoism the kanji letters are god and path (神道 - しんとう). Also a very interesting fact is that the Japanese word for mirror "Kagami" (鏡 - かがみ) contains the word for self "Ga" (我 - が) and the word for god "Kami" (神 - かみ).

In Shinto a written book, like the bible, does not exist. From the 6th century on Buddhism came from Korea to Japan. Because of no written guidelines, Shintoism was able to implement some parts of the Buddhism.

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