Taken in Nikko, October 2011

Dienstag, 10. April 2012

Tokyo International Business College entry ceremony

Today I had the opportunity to attend the entry ceremony of the Tokyo International Business College. A very unique experience. Everything was really formal and regimented. Although there are such ceremonies in Germany too, they are slightly different.

The names of all new students were read out and all of them had to stand up and report their attendance. Very ceremoniously and you could feel that they are very proud to be students of this college. Everything seemed to be strictly planned. There should be no possibility for coincidences to happen. From the speeches to the timtable (yes, even the flowers at the front of the stage) everything seemed to be perfectly proposed.

Afterwards the teachers introduced themselves to the students. That seemed to be more relaxed and friendly. Also some students were honored for their good performances. One third of all students at this college come outside from Japan. The students are not only able to learn English. Also French and Italian are languages that are teached at this college.

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